Editor's Note: Staufer made an "Italian Model" and the "Luigi Legnani" model as well as terz guitars, bowed stringed instruments, the arpeggione and other styles. JG Staufer (father) and Anton Staufer (son), Vienna, early 19th century. Click the thumbnails to open the larger image in a new window.

Johann Georg Staufer, Vienna, circa 1815, courtesy of the Rainer Krause collection: www.antique-guitars.de.

Terz-Guitar, (Johann) Anton Staufer / Vienna, about 1840, Luigi Legnani model, courtesy of the Rainer Krause collection: www.antique-guitars.de.

"Georg Staufer," Vienna, ca. 1805; note the exquisite bridge ornamentation and flush fingerboard. Italian model. Tuning head mirrors body's shape. Musical Instrument Collection of C.V.F., Canada.

JG Staufer, circa 1809, Italian model with vine inlay, flush fingerboard and peg tuners. Photos courtesy Max Korngold.

Anton Staufer terz guitar with raised adjustable neck, Luigi Legnani model on label.

JG Staufer terz guitar, early Italian model with vine inlay, flush fingerboard, circa 1805-1810, courtesy Ray Attard. “The scale length is 543mm. The nut width is 44mm. The guitar length is 830mm. The upper bout is 210mm and lower bout 265mm wide. The body depth is 3".”

JG Staufer-Legnani model on label; adjustable raised neck, "scroll" headstock with mechanical tuners, spruce-maple, domed back. Photos courtesy Bernhard Kresse:

Anton Staufer, Legnani model, photos courtesy of a private collector:

Staufer-Legnani, circa 1820-1825, peg head, vine inlay, flush fingerboard, photo courtesy Raymond Attard:

Anton Stauffer with clock-key neck adjustment mechanism to set the string height action and scroll headstock (courtesy of Bengt Wikström, Sweden):

Johann Georg Staufer, ca. 1805, and labeled 1809:

Ian Watchorn Stauffer replica:

Staufer Legnani model (Staufer, Vienna, 1829):

Back of Staufer Legnani

Denis Cinelli's Staufer Legnani model:

Bernhard Kresse Anton Stauffer replica and the original:

Another Anton Stauffer original courtesy Bernhard Kresse (pre-restoration with later bridge, etc.):

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