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1819 Fabricatore guitars; possibly the same year of manufacture as Paganini's guitar (click photo links for larger image).

Fabricatore 1819Fabricatore 1819 (Naris)Fabricatore 1819 (Naris)

1818 Fabricatore instruments (large image size; click link to view):

Fabricatore 1818 (Naris)

The following Fabricatore is in superlative condition and is one of the best surviving examples I have seen. Pictures courtesy of a private collector who wishes to remain anonymous. The label reads: "Gio: Battista Fabricatore fecit Neapoli 1811 in S.M. dell' Ajuto Num 32". The scale length of this one is an incredible 660mm (measurement from nut to 12th fret 330mm), the same size as a large scale concert Ramierez!

Decorative 1811 Gio. Battista Fabricatore: mother of pearl, tortoise plastron & ivory next to Luigi Legnani Model 1829 Johann Anton Staufer.

Details of the 1811 Fabricatore:

1798 Fabricatore, photo courtesy Raymond Attard:

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