Vinaccia 1779 - Museo da Musica in Lisbon, Portugal. This is the one that Sparks mentions having seen, in a footnote on p. 219. Renault Paris 1789 Jacobus Jany, Vienna, 1800 Fabricatore 1815 Lacote 1823 - Kresse Gaetano Guadagnini - 1827 Staufer Legnani 1829 Panormo, 1830 Manuel Gutierrez 1836 Lacote 1852
1779 1789 1800 1815 1823 1827 1830 1830 1836 1850 View gallery of dated
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Vinaccia Renault Jany Fabricatore Lacote Guadagnini Staufer-
Panormo Gutierrez Lacote

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Composite of Sor, Giuliani, Mertz - courtesy of Los Angeles Classical Guitars

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